5 Ways to Style Your Maxi Dress & Skirt

Now that spring is here and we're shaking off the winter blues, we're shaking up our wardrobe with warmer clothes.

One staple in our closet is the maxi dress or skirt! 

Here are 5 ways on how to wear a maxi skirt or dress.

1.) Pair with an adorable jacket or blazer. Don't limit your maxi dress or skirt to just the weekend. Strap on a pair of heels, or flats, with a matching blazer, and make it office savvy.

For cooler weather, try a leather jacket, like Giulia Dugo, fashion blogger and workforce maven.

(Giulia Dugo)

2.) Wrap it with a belt or decorative sash.

I LOVE belts with my maxi dresses because it emphasizes my curves and adds a touch of sophistication.

Try a look like our Trendy Tropical Dress.

 3.) Statement Jewelry!

These are perfect for neutral or solid colors. I choose pieces based off the neckline. Usually I pair my low necks with a statement necklace, but Heidi shows you can break up the "stuffiness" of a high neck with a beautiful necklace.

I LOVE the statement earrings Sofia is wearing with a sling top dress, which really help accentuate her neck.

View Trendy Quest's collection of statement jewelry here.

(Left: Heidi Klum, Right: Sofia Vergara)

4.) Delicate Pieces

Sometimes, less is more, and not everyone loves statement pieces. Like a pinch of salt to finish a dish, sometimes the most delicate jewelry can add just the right touch to bring an outfit together.

Need ideas? Take a peek at our delicate pieces here.

5.) Floppy Hats & Fedoras

Nothing says "spring is here" like a floppy hat or fedora. Go fancy with something wide brimmed, or keep it casual with a net fedora. Need ideas? Take a peek here.

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