Meet Our Ambassadors - Miriam Granado

1.) Who are you? Where are you from? 
Miriam Granado. I'm from Southern Spain and I'm 23 years old. Currently, I'm a model for Covers Models Management, and a fashion blogger with my own website,

2.) What kind of blogger are you and how long have you been writting?
I'm a fashion blogger, but I like to be different, not only by sharing my thoughts and personal experiences with a beautiful outfit, but also by adding a positive message in my posts.

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3.) What inspired you to start?
Since 16, I wanted to be a part of the fashion world, so two years ago, I decided to create “Delicious Delirium” a blog  about, beauty, make up, outfits, etc., but I also wanted a place to write about anything else on my mind.

4.) What’s been the best thing about blogging so far?
Definitely when someone sends me a message that she/he liked my post. That’s absolutely amazing for me because I feel like, oh god my work is good and I can inspire other people!

5.) What’s your dream with blogging?
I do not really have a set goal, but I definitely dream about being like Chiara Ferragni and to be able to convey something unique and different.

6.) What is your favorite outfit/ thing to wear?
Red lips, always, with jeans. ♥

7.) What’s your favorite thing about being a Trendy Quest Ambassador?
Being an ambassador for Trendy Quest is something that I love so much! I get so excited when I receive a new product and I have a thousand ideas on how to show it. And to be able to share my opinion on clothes and combinations to be inspired.

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8.) Where can people find you?
In a place where it rains a lot without a doubt, it's a strange thing that a lot of people do not understand about me. But the rain conveys a lot of peace and relaxation. I have to do a post about it and ways to relax with the sounds of rain.

Also, people can find me on my blog "Delicious Delirium" and instagram @miriamgranadao.

9.) What should readers know about you?
I love fashion, traveling, time with family, art, and anything to do with self love motivation. I hope you enjoyed reading more about me (and I still have so much to share).

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To follow Miriam and shop her look visit and @miriamgranado on Instagram. 10% off when you use the code MIRIG10.

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